Everything You Should Know About The Curtains Manufacturing Process

Despite all the modern trends in interior design, involving the use of blinds rather than curtains, people will never abandon the usual side curtains. Even the fact that in office and industrial premises blinds became more popular than curtains, at home, people prefer to hang curtains that create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Side curtains are designed to give the home interior an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. They serve as an excellent decoration for the room and are a bright highlight in its design. You can get the high-quality side curtains from reputable supplier.

The process of manufacturing curtains is quite simple, but it requires absolute accuracy and care. The procedure is as below;

1. Choosing the right material

First and foremost, the right material is chosen. The fabric should fit into the surroundings and harmonize with the interior of the room in texture and color.

2. Preparation for cutting

After the choice is made, the fabric is prepared for cutting. To do this, the material is carefully ironed with an iron.

3. Sewing How are the curtains sewn?

The fabric is selected per the design and color of the room where it is planned to hang the curtains. The desired color is determined using the shade compatibility tables.

The standard width of the curtain fabric is 2.8 m - most often, this is the height of the curtains. Moreover, the density of their assembly varies over a wide range. After choosing a suitable size, proceed to cut. The whole section is cut into separate parts along the pulled thread.

The technology of sewing curtains involves performing a cut of the edge of the curtain in the upper part.The stock of the seam should be well ironed. For this, a template is used that is equal in width to the curtain tape. In the process of manufacturing curtains, indentation is made from the edge along the entire length. After that, it is necessary to pin the curtain tape. Its edge bends inward, and the remaining free ends of the rope are tied in a knot.

Sewing is carried out on the front side. The curtain tape is pinned with a small assembly since later it sits a little. The first line spacing from the edge is usually 3-4 mm. The second line is also done on the front side. To do this, the needle is immersed in the fabric so that it grips the tape.

Next, the product is laid on the floor, and the edges are aligned with the meter rule. The desired length is measured, taking into account a small allowance for the hem, and excess tissue is cut off. Then an allowance is wrapped, and the bottom is scribbled from the wrong side. After completing these procedures, the curtains are ironed, and folds are collected from the curtain tape. Then the product is put on a cornice.

It is advisable you look for the best side curtains manufacturer who produces quality products. This will guarantee you a long service.

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