B&V Membrane also provides PVC coated Tent Fabric, fabrication services to its Client. We has one of best infrastructure in Country with CNC Cutting & Plotting machines Imported (Aeronaut automation). B&V membranes authorized manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of PVC tents fabric including such as PVC hanger fabrics, coated and Awning fabric in Mumbai India to all over the world.

PVC Tent & Hanger Fabrics

B&V Membranes provides PVC coated tent fabric and different types of fabrication services to its clients. We are the finest manufacturer and PVC hanger fabric supplier in the entire country. Our facility is having one of the best infrastructures in the country with CNC cutting & plotting machines that are imported from other countries. We are known as the authorized manufacturers,exporters suppliers of PVC tent fabrics which includes coated fabrics, awning fabrics & PVC hanger fabrics in Mumbai, India as well as all over the world.

Top Quality PVC Tent & Hanger Fabric

Tents have been in existence for a very long time, they provide shelter for humans. Over a period of time, they have undergone many changes. Earlier, the only motto was to provide a roof but now tents are customized as per the convenience of the people who are going to use them. The PVC tent fabric is generally used for the making of tents. The latest tents can be easily formed and dismantled in a few minutes so it provides a good mobility and longevity. We are one of the reliable PVC tent fabrics manufacturers providing the best roofing protection for various kinds of events, leisurely functions, presentations and more.

The PVC hanger fabrics are better lifestyle solutions for easy fixes when it comes to building temporary or permanent structures. Our material is hardcore that gives maximum resistance to getting torn and it has minimum weight with good amount of resistance and stability.

PVC Tent Fabric Manufacturers & Suppliers -

Our PVC materials have a long life and they are flame resistant and abrasion-proof. These tents are easily recyclable and hence they also help to protect the environment to a certain extent. We are the top PVC hanger fabrics supplier who supplies our materials to different industrial applications such as industrial warehousing, circus tents, medical tents, pergolas, warehouses, event marquees, quality fabrics and much more.

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