HDPE Mesh Fabrics / Shade Sails

After Years of Research & Development B&V membranes Introduces Architectural 325 Series Of Shade cloth fabric Specially Designed For Shade Sails & architectural Tension Structures It is Strongly Knitted with one monofilament and Two Tape yarns for Dimensional Stability, Tear Resistance The Design has Excellent Weft &warp stability due to extended throw of the weft yarns across the Knitting needles during the fabrication of fabric curtains Fabric has 98% of UV Block Out with an Exceptional water Run off Properties..

The fabric is Heat set using a Stentering process, Giving additional Dimensional Stability and Strength as a result of the Shirking and equalizing the yarns lengths and knots


Colour swatches
  • Sand Stone
  • Ivary White
  • Light Green
  • Midnight Green
  • Steel Grey
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Aqua Marine
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