Tents & Pagoda Fabrics

Tent Structures & Pagoda Fabric Structure

A tent structure is a shelter consisting of sheets of pagoda fabrics that are draped over a frame of poles. While smaller tent pagoda structures may be free-standing or attached to the ground, large tents are usually anchored using the ropes that are tied to tent pegs. In earlier days, they were used by nomadic people as the usual tent structures for safety but today the same tents are available with a lot of modern benefits. These tents are used for camping and building temporary homes.

B&V Membranes has been one of the industry leaders in pagoda fabrics, german hanger and aluminum Hanger. We are the suppliers and pagoda fabric manufacturers that are used for building different structures. B&V specializes in material fabrics used for tents, we are the suppliers' across the PAN India level. The fabric that we provide is of the finest quality that is directly imported from SATTLER - PROTEX located in Austria.

The tent structures comply with the international quality standards for pagoda fabric tent structures. The fabric structures have a high degree of resistance against the fire, abrasion and extreme weather conditions. The material used for making these structures is highly flexible and translucent in character. We have long experience dealing in industries that need fabric to build temporary or permanent tents. We provide customized solutions and are able to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Advantages :

  • Best welding performance
  • Perfect flatness
  • Minor smoke development
  • Perfect adhesion of coating on the fabric
  • Higher weld strength through optimised coating process
  • Durable quality
  • Stable quality despite different batch codes
  • Tested translucence
  • Lowest soiling property

Best In Class Pagoda Fabrics

Pagoda fabrics are used for making Pagoda tents, these are the special fabrics that possess strength and are abrasion-proof. These tents are made with the purpose to give roof and shelter for the people who are using it. They are made with innovative technology and have a user-friendly design. The pagoda tent is extremely unique in looks and is pleasing to eyes from a distance, they can be easily transferred from one place to another. They are widely useful for a variety of reasons and in different industries. We follow international standards for quality and provide the best fix to the industries as per their requirements.

Finest Quality Tents & Pagoda Fabrics

The pagoda fabric is made up of strong material and they are truly versatile in nature. The tensile fabric structure is such that it can be designed and created to stand in the shape and position in which it is needed. The canopies and pagoda construction uses the saddle or cone principles for its construction.

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